Oakland bound flight made emergency landing on Christmas

Southwest Airlines Oakland bound flight

A Southwest Airlines flight from Honolulu bound for Oakland, California, made an emergency landing in Hawaii after the captain heard strange noises about 20 minutes after taking off on Christmas Day.

Southwest Flight 1278 landed without further incident at 3:11 p.m. on Friday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

There were five crewmembers and 19 passengers on the flight, KHON-TV reported. No injuries were known to have occurred.

The television station reported that the captain of the flight decided to turn it back toward Hawaii in an abundance of caution and to allow mechanics to inspect the windshield within the cockpit where the noises were coming from.

The station also reported that no mechanical issues were detected after inspection.

The flight took off again on a different airplane and arrived in Oakland about three hours behind schedule.

Airport staff ordered pizza for the passengers while they were stuck in Honolulu to help with the delay.

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